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Order Management

Do you accept orders by mail, fax, email, or phone?
Yes, we do. Please see our contact page for the appropriate information. Or call us at 1-800-224-1114 to place an order.
How late in the day can I place an order?
All orders received by 4:30 pm EST will be shipped that day.
How can I return or exchange an item?
Please review our Return Policy to find out about returns and exchanges.
How can I get a refund?
If you are not satisfied with any of our product(s) in any way, we will gladly replace the product(s), or refund your money when the product(s) are returned within 30 days of purchase. After the initial 30 days of purchase, we offer replacements but no refunds for defective products up to 12 months from original purchase. Due to our aggressive pricing, shipping charges are non-refundable unless we shipped incorrect item(s). Refunds are issued in the same form of payment as in the original transaction within 10 business days of receiving your return. Please review our Return Policy for more details on how to get a refund.
What happens when an item is back-ordered?
When an item is not available for immediate shipment, we inform the customer immediately of the estimated date of availability via e-mail. We will send you the available items and keep the remaining order on a "back-order" status. The back-ordered item is shipped as soon as it becomes available.
How do I know if a product is available or not?
For information on product availability, please call our customer care personnel at 1-800-224-1114. We will be glad to assist you.
How do I know if my order has shipped?
Once your order has been shipped, UPS will send an e-mail to you with the tracking information for your package. If you have not received an e-mail, your order will be shipped shortly and you will receive an e-mail as soon as it is shipped. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-224-1114 if you have any questions.
How can I track my order?
As soon as we ship your order, UPS will send an e-mail to you with the tracking number. You can use this number on the UPS Website ( to track your order. Alternatively, you can contact UPS at 1-800-333-7400 and provide the tracking number to an UPS agent who will be happy to assist you.


What is the actual warranty on Harvard Battery's batteries?
  1. For a period of up to 12 months from the date of purchase. Harvard will, subject to inspection, repair or replace a defective battery pack with a new or reconditioned unit.
  2. A battery pack containing 80% of original capacity, after 12 months of use is considered normal and is not subject to warranty replacement.
  3. This warranty is not valid if the date code label is removed or if the battery pack has been modified, improperly charged, improperly installed, neglected or misused in any way.
  4. Warranty returns must be accompanied by a Return Goods Authorization (RGA). This can be obtained by contacting your Sales Representative.
Are your batteries refurbished or brand new?
Harvard Battery sells BRAND NEW replacement battery packs, with our manufacturing facilities in conformance with quality standards and guidelines applicable to OEM battery packs.
Are your products as good as the brand name battery packs?
Yes. Our aftermarket replacement battery packs are manufactured by certified plants, using the highest quality cells and materials, under same strict high standards and guidelines applicable to OEM battery packs. The only difference is the savings (up to 75%). Best of all, in many cases we provide warranties that are longer than the ones you would typically find with OEM purchases. Lower prices, longer warranty and supreme quality all help you make a smarter buying decision and reward you with a better return on investment.
What is the shelf life of your battery packs?
If stored properly, the shelf life of our products is typically 2 years for most of our packs.
How much do I save by using replacement or aftermarket battery packs?
Your savings will be substantial compared to prices from the OEM.
How do I charge my replacement battery packs?
Harvard Battery offers a variety of Chargers and Analyzer options for your specific replacement Battery pack. Please contact us at 1-800-224-1114 to discuss these options.

Shipping and Handling

What are the locations you ship to?
We currently ship to all locations in the U.S.A. and internationally.
Do you offer overnight shipping?
We do offer overnight or second day shipping at the request of the customer.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover for transactions. For establishments like school systems, colleges and universities, government and public safety organizations, Fortune 500 companies and Corporate Accounts members we also accept checks, electronic wire transfer (EFT) in US$, as well as the credit cards mentioned.
Will it void my wireless equipment warranty if I use your battery packs?
One word, NO.

The use of replacement aftermarket battery packs will not void your warranty in any way.

Actually, this has been protected by the following legislation:

Magnuson-moss Warranty Improvement Act

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act United States Code Annotated Title 15 Commerce and Trade Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties 15 Section 2302 states that:

No warrantor of a consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumer's using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade or corporate name; except that the prohibition of this subsection may be waived by the commission if:

  1. The warrantor satisfies the Commission that the warranted product will function properly only if the article or service so identified is used in connection with the warranted product, and
  2. The Commission finds that such a waiver is in the public interest.
Will your battery packs damage my wireless equipment?
No. All battery packs are produces in certified plants to meet or exceed OEM performance and will not damage your equipment in any way. Please contact us if you have specific concerns and we will be pleased to address them.
Do you offer government and corporate discounts?
Yes, we do. Harvard Battery discounts to government agencies and corporate end users that purchase in volume.

If you would like Harvard Battery to bid on any battery opportunity for your organization please contact us at 1-800-224-1114.

Do you offer any special pricing for resellers?
Yes. We do offer special incentives or pricing to resellers or distributors. If you are a reseller, please feel free to call us at 1-800-224-1114 to discuss special services we can provide.
How do I set up an account with Harvard Battery as a government agency, non-profit organization or corporate end-user?
We accept purchase orders and fax orders from establishments like school systems, colleges and universities, government and public safety organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. Such organizations are welcome to fax us purchase orders at 1-856-424-8446. If your organization is not one of the above and you would prefer to purchase products from us via purchase orders, we welcome you to sign up for our Corporate Account by filling out a Credit Application.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-224-1114 or Send E-mail and we will be glad to help.

What is OEM? Do you sell OEM products?
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEMs for barcode scanners includes Symbol, Intermec, LXE Technologies among others.

We do NOT sell OEM battery packs. Harvard Battery offers only brand new replacement battery packs that are guaranteed to perform just as good if not better than the OEM brands in terms of quality and performance - all with significant cost savings to you.

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